Oh good, good. You made it this far. I created this secret page while my human friend was distracted. Just keep it between me and you ok?

I just wanted a bit of private space to start writing down my unofficial biography. You know, I plan to publish a book in the future and I wanted to put on paper the most important points.

Ok so here we go. You never read this page and never heard anything about it.

  • born in a factory somewhere in Europe, never met my parents

  • lived in a warehouse  until I was 4

  • at the age of 4 I was brought to a toy store, and stayed there several years. Learned a couple of things about working in retail and customer service.

  • met my human friend at the age of 10 and rested in his wardrobe until the age of 15

  • celebrated my birthday for the first time when I was 16 (obviously with my friend)

  • I can say I am a private person, quiet shy, don't need to make a lot of friends (one or two is enough), I don't like selfies

  • I like sleeping a lot (especially in my box), I like playing board games, listening to music (especially from the 90s), watching science fiction movies and action tv series, and really dislike swimming and humid continental climate

  • I am very sporty (long walks, darts, ping pong and various stretching exercises in the morning)

  • I do not like travelling so much, and in any case I do not hold any valid passport

  • I love telling stories

  • so proud of helping my friend building up this website