Zabierzow forest

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

The magnificence of nature, to keep it simple. Just amazing. So inspiring.

Several different shades of green and brown. Very steep learning curve.

When I started to consider the idea of making personalised puzzles my dream was to get exactly to this point one day, with me trying to share with you what does it mean to make an incredible puzzle like that.

Though I have experience in making puzzles, this one repeatedly tested my patience. At times I had to stop and proceed one piece a day as there were almost zero references (the trunks of the trees are often interrupted by leaves, just to give you an example).

There were moments of incredible excitement mixed with moments of pure healthy frustration in which I was just staring at the puzzle doing nothing... so I would say it was probably the most rewarding puzzle I have completed so far.

I thought it was logical to start from the brown ground and the base of some trees, slowly going up with the remaining parts of those trees and their leaves and then continuing with the light green and white pieces. But still, it took me so long to complete this puzzle that my record player got tired to play my vinyls at a certain point and I found myself singing songs out loud in order to get the necessary energies to proceed further.

You need to be tenacious if you want to get to the end.

You need to celebrate every single piece that is placed like it was a big achievement, because you don't know when exactly you will be able to place the next piece.

You need to remind yourself to place at least one piece a day, as described on MY TIPS section. That will always keep morale high even when you really feel lost, and will keep the momentum going.

Seeing your picture come alive piece by piece will later on repay you for all the time spent and the frustration you experienced before.

The picture was taken during spring time, in a forest just outside of Krakow. As you can see the trees were already full of leaves, and I really love the bright, vibrant green on this puzzle.

Completing it was really a wonderful journey that I will remember forever. A few days afterward I was still staring at this puzzle, thinking about the challenges it posed, how much I love spending time in the nature and how small we are compared to the nature around us.

It was very difficult for me to put it back to its box.

Has it ever happened to you?



DIMENSIONS 98,5x75,5 cm


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