Wachirathan waterfalls

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

A colourful rainbow popped up just few seconds before I wanted to photograph these nice and small waterfalls in the Doi Inthanon national Park, in the north of Thailand. It's not a rare event there but still, I will forever remember that moment. Water drops and spray from the waterfall were all over my eyes and my camera while I was taking this picture, and those memories came to my mind as soon as I opened the puzzle box and started assembling the border.

Part of the waterfall was blessed by the warm Thai sunlight while another part was in the shadow, resulting in a puzzle containing a very interesting combination of almost all the possible colours (light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, black, white, grey, yellow, light brown, dark brown, red, orange).

The beginning of this puzzle was quite simple. The sky and the main waterfall where quickly completed. I think I had never started a puzzle from the sky before, so this was an interesting moment for me. I may repeat the experiment in the future.

The central part was more challenging (with the smaller waterfalls, the rocks around and the rainbow and water below) while the last part (the bottom of the puzzle) was very challenging. It was sometimes very complicated to distinguish between black pieces and dark blue pieces or the dark green ones, they all looked the same. The room where I am making puzzles doesn't have perfect lighting and that was not helping.

And I have to say I was not entirely satisfied with the quality of the puzzle, especially the areas of the picture that are in the shadow. There is a clear difference in brightness between what was in my picture and what was in the puzzle. In general all the personalised puzzles tend to come out a bit darker than the original picture, I know that. I was prepared for that but still, perhapsI was expecting something a bit better.

Nevertheless it was overall funny to complete this puzzle. It has been rated 4 stars simply because the first part was very straightforward and didn't take much of my time.

I am not a big fan of portrait puzzles (the vertical ones - see also Squirrel life) but this one was worth any minute spent on it.



DIMENSIONS 75,5x98,5 cm


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