The observer

The observer sees everything from a higher perspective, up there where the wind blows stronger and thoughts run faster.

From up there the world seems smaller and much more simple than what it really is, and the lives of people look like small interconnected pieces of a unique puzzle.

The observer silently watches every person and every problem pass by, but no one notice him. He has his own problems, too, but knows how to camouflage them.

The observer hears everything and knows everyone in the forest, and learned how to avoid the bad guys.

The observer is very patient and knows where to find nuts, berries, vegetables, seeds and roots, but at the same time respects the fact that occasionally mother nature may not produce what he is looking for.

The observer never smiles but has always an optimistic approach to life.

Given the nature of his job, the observer doesn't have a stable home but doesn't mind it so much.

The observer prefers a solitary life, but enjoys exchanging opinions with other observers of the same kind once in a while.

The observer likes Autumn very much, as he was told he looks nicer among yellow and orange leaves. As he looks down, ducks and dogs warmly salute him before getting back to their own lives.

The observer knows he is being watched and followed, but knows how to distinguish between an innocent puzzle lover and a threat.

And I like to think he has already realised that, after I completed this project and the Squirrel life one, he became famous and got a special place in my mind.



DIMENSIONS 68,3x48,3 cm


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