Swan life

When swans mate, they intertwine their necks. And they mate for life.

I believe that says it all, and it's perhaps the main reason why, over the course of history, many writers and musicians depicted swans as a symbol of love, romance, grace, purity and loyalty.

I see swans in the same way, although I am not an artist of any sort.

I have always been fascinated by the appearance of these long-necked big birds and by the way they move around. They fly with slow wingbeats and with their necks outstretched. They walk on land in quite an elegant and proud but funny way, usually keeping their flexible neck high and their big, webbed feet strongly anchored to the ground, maintaining a low center of gravity.

But, above all, when they are gliding slowly on water, swans are a picture of graceful leisure. And when I saw this couple of white swans taking a bath on the Vistula river during sunset, I really couldn't resist their charm.

The resulting puzzle turned out to be more difficult than I thought. The swimming swans and the warm summer wind generated many ripples in the water, and those ripples translated into a mix of pieces of different colours all around the white birds.

I realised that only when I opened the box and started the differentiated collection.

After placing the white, pink and yellow pieces, I focused my attention on the grey, orange and light brown areas of the puzzle, respectively below and on the right of the swans.

As I moved to the area on the left of the birds, the difficulty level increased even more, as brown, blue and black pieces had to be put together without so many references. Sorting pieces by shape really helped me go through that area and move to the remaining part of the puzzle, the area with black and blackish pieces.

I spent some time observing this puzzle, after completing it. Some pictures are really like paintings, I thought. And then, I realised that perhaps swans make me think about personalised puzzles more than I could ever imagine.

When they mate, swans mate for life. I like to think that, in the same way, when you complete a puzzle with a picture of yours on it, that puzzle will stay with you forever.

I believe personalised puzzles are something more than the classic puzzles you find in the shops. You took that picture, you lived that moment.

In a sense, it's like seeing your life in a mirror, and reliving it piece by piece.

I believe some personalised puzzles can really connect with you in such a powerful way that they become sort of rare souvenirs or special treasures, bringing up memories or feelings that were and are part of your life.

Well, at least that's what happens with me all the time.

I will never get rid of this kind of puzzles.



DIMENSIONS 79,8x59,8 cm


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