Sunset at lake Bagry

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Observing the sunset at this small lake located in the South-East of Krakow.

I was looking for a spot from which I could see the reflection of the sunset rays on the water and, at the same time, a bit of vegetation (possibly flowers).

It was August and it took me so long to find a good spot to take a picture. Luckily, I was kind of expecting that so I went at the lake a couple of hours before the sunset.

The majority of the spots close to the water are taken by fishermen in the summer. They get there early in the morning and stay until it's dark (and yes, they fall asleep several times a day, not sure what else they can do there).

The resulting puzzle was nice. Not the most difficult I have ever done, but still very much enjoyable.

Good references to start were obviously the sun, the sunlight and the portion of the sky not hidden by the vegetation.

As you can imagine I kept the dark pieces for the end, as they were difficult to place. However many black or dark brown or dark green pieces had traces of yellow, red or blue (from the sunlight or from the sky) and that helped understanding where they belonged.

It would have normally been a three stars puzzle for me, but in the end I decided to add one additional star because the puzzle was a little bit darker than the original picture. Especially the bottom right part was difficult to complete, as the water and the vegetation there were darker than in the original the picture, I was missing the references so I had to proceed very slowly.

This is something I have already experienced in the Wachiratan waterfalls puzzle, but there it was much worse than here. I guess it's quite common when ordering personalised puzzles from dark pictures, and it should be always taken into account. Perhaps I am a bit stubborn and tend to forget it, but I always prefer to make a puzzle from my original picture without any post processing effect.

However, in this case it was not a big deal. I just thought it was worth mentioning it.



DIMENSIONS 98,5x75,5 cm


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