Sunrise in Laos

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Woke up at 3am and travelled for 2 hours to reach this spot at the border between Thailand and Laos. It was really worth it. What's better than watching the sunrise as a birthday gift...

Phu Chi fa is a mountain area and national forest park in the north of Thailand. It is a famous tourist attraction for travellers staying in Chiang Rai and I couldn't really miss it.

As the sun came out of the starry sky a boundary stone became visible, telling me that Laos was in front of me while Thailand was behind.

This spot is always packed with tourists but nonetheless I managed to take good pictures and for some misterious reasons this was the most inspiring one.

The resulting puzzle was not so complicated but still presented some challenges.

Following my experiment with the Wachirathan waterfalls puzzle, I decided to start from the light blue sky. From there I moved down to the area consisting of warm colours (yellow and orange), building the main tree on the left at the same time.

Following that direction then came the most challenging part of the puzzle. Brown, dark brown and black pieces had been saved for last.

Overall it was a nice puzzle to make, and a nice picture to watch.

However, as soon as I completed it, I started to have second thoughts about my decision to make it a 1000 pieces puzzle rather than a bigger one.

On one hand, I think that on a 1500 or 2000 pieces puzzle that light green and orange high grass at the bottom would have been more visible. On this puzzle you could barely see it.

In general, making a bigger puzzle would have probably meant a brighter picture with a more visible vegetation at the bottom. I was expecting more yellow pieces on this puzzle, but I got more orange, brown and black pieces instead.

On the other hand, as you may have noticed while taking a look at all my projects, ordering a bigger puzzle always implies having to cut additional parts of the original picture, and that's something I didn't want to do in this case.

It's always difficult to find the right compromise, but I think perhaps this time I took the wrong decision. A lesson to remember for future projects.



DIMENSIONS 70x49,7 cm


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