Sunrise at Vistula river

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Watching the sun slowly rising up along the Vistula banks on a warm Saturday morning.

During the Polish summer the sun comes out very early in Krakow, when the city is still sleeping. At half past five the sun is already up and warming up things, but temperatures are still fresh. It's the perfect moment to walk and look around for inspiring scenarios and nice memories.

Originally I wanted to take a picture of the old city centre and its historical walls.

I was walking in that direction when I came across a bridge traversing the Vistula river, and immediately realized that I could have taken a very interesting picture if I kept the sun at my shoulders. That picture could have become a panoramic puzzle.

To get a panoramic puzzle you need to cut the top and the bottom of a picture, and those large areas of sky and water were the perfect sacrificial lambs.

So I threw away the initial plan, took the picture and rushed back home, excited to attempt a new and original project.

The overall quality of the printed picture on the puzzle was not that great if compared to what other manufacturers can produce, but it was enough to have some fun.

As I expected, the puzzle turned out to be a bit darker than the original picture. In particular the dark green areas on the left bank of the river became basically black pieces, and those orange walls on the right bank where almost red instead.

I decided to start from the river banks and the buildings, although it would have not been difficult to start from the sky or the water instead. Actually it would have been the same, this was not meant to be a difficult puzzle in any case.

After completing the buildings, the river banks and their reflections on the water it was very easy to complete the sky and the water. I never really felt challenged by this puzzle, but in any case it was my first time doing a personalised panoramic puzzle. It was an interesting experiment.



DIMENSIONS 134,5x48 cm



Quality-wise I was rather disappointed.

As mentioned before, the overall quality of the printed picture on the puzzle was not that great.

In addition, on the majority of the dark blue pieces (the water at the bottom of the picture) several horizontal lines were clearly visible, perhaps traces of laser printing.

In addition, on both sky and water areas there were dark vertical lines crossing multiple pieces. Here are two examples (but there were several more).

That was very weird, never seen anything like this on a puzzle. Obviously those lines don't exist on the original picture.

As it's hard to find anyone making personalised panoramic puzzles I think I will give this manufacturer a second chance in the future, hoping to have a better experience.

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