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Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Chasing an ever moving squirrel is not an easy task at all...so you need a lot of patience, good shoes and good observation skills.

I noticed this squirrel long time ago, not far from where I live; nice brown fur, white belly and a very funny face.

This time I noticed he was particularly hungry...so he was moving from tree to tree looking for some food (probably those red berries). The moment he found something (I guess) tasty he stopped on that tree for something like a minute, and that was finally my window.

It was early spring and I knew the resulting picture would be so interesting and potentially an incredibly challenging puzzle.

Apart from few clouds , it was a very nice and sunny day so I had a very good lighting for this photo. It was still quite cold and the trees had no leaves yet, so there would have been no green colours on the puzzle but rather a combination of different shades of blue, brown from the trees and few reddish berries here and there. The amount of tree branches intersecting with each other would have added an extra level of difficulty to the puzzle and made my life extremely hard.

To be honest, after completing puzzles like the Zabierzow forest or April snow I thought I would have not found anything else that challenging. But I had to change my mind and this puzzle raised the bar once more, and perhaps was even more complicated than those two ones.

Differentiated collection: the blue sky was the most important reference, so first I separated dark blue pieces from light blue and brown.

I started by placing the darkest blue pieces I had (the top right of the picture). From that I proceeded going down and left, as the sky was getting light blue and then almost white. And I noticed there was another dark blue area on the bottom left.

Then I slowly started to take trees as references, although it was a very slow process given the amount of trees and branches in the picture. That's why completing this puzzle gave me extra satisfaction and an incredible feeling of accomplishment.



DIMENSIONS 75,5x98,5 cm

RAVENSBURGER P.S. This is a portrait puzzle, so the original picture is the second one from the top. The first picture is a cut version of the original one, put there only for preview reasons.

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