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Located in the southeast of Greece, Santorini is the largest island of a small circular archipelago, remnant of the Minoan volcanic eruption that occured around 3600 years ago.

When I think about Santorini, I think about mankind constantly challenging mother nature, if you know what I mean. The constant and sometimes insane stubborness with which humans explore the world and settle in impervious and dangerous places.

This town on the cliffs of a giant caldera is just an unbelievable view, but you must be physically there to really feel how small we human beings are compared to the scale and power of the nature around us. After taking this picture, I really felt small and insignificant for some time. I just couldn't stop looking down at the sea, the dark rocks, the other islands in the distance and the overall size of this caldera. Only the noise of the tourists brought me back to the world.

The island is always busy, with people frenetically walking up and down, back and forth finding their way through the myriad of narrow streets connecting bars ad restaurants with shiny white or blue houses, shops, churches or schools.

At times you may get frustrated, it's so crowded that you feel like being in Venice during Carnival time, but it's really a unique place and worth a once in a lifetime visit.

This picture is a vivid memory of that trip, but as I started to put together some pieces of this puzzle, it also reminded me something important.

At that time I didn't have any photocamera in my possession. I would have lost the opportunity to make this puzzle, if it wasn't for a friend who borrowed me his camera for that trip.

I would have lost this opportunity, like I had already lost several other opportunities in the past, every time I saw something I really liked but couldn't turn it into a puzzle.

I am sure Mr. Puzzle mentioned something about that on the ABOUT section.

So completing this personalised puzzle meant a lot to me, and not only because it was quite challenging.

As you can easily imagine, the main challenge I had to face was to put together the pieces composing the big area with the buildings on the centre left of the puzzle.

The majority of those buildings are white or light grey, with small black or dark grey windows. Only few buildings have different colours (yellow, brown or beige) and were good references.

As a consequence, after quickly completing the area with the rocks and the water on the right, I got stuck several times.

In my mind a 1000 pieces puzzle is never a big threat to my patience, but this puzzle turned out to be a bit more complex than expected, so I really enjoyed the challenge it posed.



DIMENSIONS 68,3x48,3 cm

PUZZLESPRINT P.S. As you may have already noticed, I had to cut the original picture on the right, taking the boat and part of the water out of this puzzle. I wasn't particularly happy with that, because in my opinion that boat gives you a better idea of the scale of the island and it's high dark cliffs.

The alternative was to cut the picture on the left instead, leaving out some buildings.

I felt like this puzzle would have been more about the buildings, so there was no other choice in my mind.

As already mentioned on the Doi Inthanon black and white project, cutting your picture is not an easy choice and can be very painful at times.

However, this time I was happy I took this direction, and I was pleased with the outcome.

Perhaps I only wish I could have made a bigger puzzle out of this picture, but it wasn't really possible. As already touched upon, when I was in Santorini I didn't have my photocamera so, given the resolution of this picture, a 2000 pieces puzzle would have come out with poor quality.

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