Pink spring

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

To me spring has always been one of the most interesting moments of the year, with all those leaves and colourful flowers coming out. There is more sunlight during the day and what was previously perhaps just a grey and brown park becomes suddenly a colourful scenario combining several bright colours.

Witnessing the awakening of nature is such a nice moment that I felt it was mandatory for me to have at least one puzzle talking about it. And when I noticed those pink plump flowers during one of my long walks I knew this was the type of puzzle I wanted to do.

Although is not my favourite colour, in my mind pink is somehow associated with creativity and evokes feelings of joy and happiness (especially if it is combined with green). I clearly remember I was smiling when I took this picture. And I will never forget the old lady who was staring at me at that moment, right into my eyes, waiting and trying to understand what was wrong with me.

She most likely isn't interested in puzzles.

As soon as I completed the differentiated collection I realized I had a nice variety of colourful pieces, ranging from several shades of brown and green to pink, yellow, white and light blue. The pink flowers and the green and yellow leaves were not concentrated in a single area of the puzzle but rather scattered around, elevating the complexity of the challenge.

That's why the easiest way to proceed was starting from the ground and the biggest trees, only to slowly go up to the flowers and the sky on a later stage.

It was a difficult puzzle overall, but the variety of colours helped me a lot and that's why it didn't get a five star rating. Puzzles like April snow or Zabierzow forest gave me similar feelings of pleasure and satisfaction but had a very limited variety of colours and completing them took me much longer than this one.



DIMENSIONS 98,5x75,5 cm


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