Not all the cliffs are high

Watching the bright morning sun gently kissing a two level white cliff can trigger a myriad of thoughts in your mind.

I believe there are certain moments in life that serve as reminders, or perhaps even define who you are. Moments in which you just crouch and observe. And get inspired.

Do cliffs move? Certainly not.

Do cliffs talk? Probably not.

Do cliffs mean something in this world? Why do they exist?

Suddenly a couple of small yellow birds flew close to me, but they remained silent, almost like they didn't want to disturb me.

Above me a very warm and dry wind finally took away all the morning clouds and insects, only to stop few seconds later and leave the sun behind me take control of the scenario.

It was in the silence of those moments, that I realised life may look like an insurmountable cliff sometimes. Cliffs are impressive at a first glance, they look so high. You crouch and observe, and are afraid to get close. You want to climb them, but you are afraid and perhaps feel hopeless.

In the same way, sometimes we tend to get afraid of taking a certain path in life and try new things, because it looks so difficult and arduous at a first glance. We do not see it as an exciting challenge but rather as an insuperable mountain to climb.

And we give up.

A puzzle may be like that as well. At times you feel like giving up after placing few pieces, maybe just after putting together the edges. You see another 1950 pieces in front of you and it all looks so impossible. I think I lost track of time at a certain point. The more I was looking at those white cliffs, the more I was going deep in my thoughts, wondering about life, nature and puzzles.

And then I came to a very simple conclusion.

What if, in the end, life is more easy than we thought or believed?

Most of the times obstacles are smaller than they appear in our mind, we just have to try or persist. How long it took me to complete this puzzle? Yes, it took me so long to finish it...but the journey was fantastic, filled with passion, enthusiasm, astonishment, frustration, pleasure, desperation, serenity, satisfaction, gratitude.

And piece after piece, day after day, it turned out not to be impossible.

And the excitement of this challenge never left the room for a second, a nice reminder that it was worthwhile to just try it. As soon as I completed this puzzle, I felt like I was sitting on the top of those cliffs, looking around with a smile on my face, thinking that at the end of the day not all the obstacles are insuperable, not all the cliffs are high.



DIMENSIONS 96,3x68 cm



The less difficult parts of this personalised puzzle were the light blue sky and the water reflecting the sunlight, and that's where I started from. The challenge resided in the high variation of colours on the cliffs and the surrounding nature, given the alternation between light and shadow, rocks and trees, rocks and ground. It took me quite a lot of time to realise that it would have been better to deal with the cliffs starting from the left side rather than from the right one.

On the left side the cliffs had less shadows and, in general, less variation of colours. Almost all the pieces there were yellowish.

As I was proceeding to the right, the rocks were getting more white, reddish, brown and orange, and the shadows were more frequent. Unlike on The family gathering puzzle, the gloss finish was less of an issue here. Probably the high variation of colours or the type of colours (mostly warm) helped in this case.

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