Lake Czchowskie

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

A partially frozen river joining a small lake in the south of Poland on December. The small lake is the horizontal strip of blue pieces in the distance, between the river and the hills.

The combination of several different shades of blue and brown caught my attention.

I find this combination of colours very interesting, so when I spotted this scenario on the way to the Tatra mountains I felt the desire to stop the car and capture the moment.

The Polish winter doesn't offer so many blue skies and sunny days, so I thought making a puzzle with lots of blue pieces and a winter scenario would have been really great.

In addition, in the distance there were several different elements such as scattered houses, evergreen trees and hills. I love puzzles combining nature and scattered houses, don't know exactly why.

It hasn't been a particularly challenging puzzle, but this time I was more interested in the combination of colours rather than in the challenge posed by the scenario. So in this regard, I was very much satisfied with the puzzle.

To be honest the afore mentioned scattered elements in the distance were too small in the puzzle, so didn't have much fun assembling the pieces on those areas. I didn't think about that when I ordered the puzzle, but I will certainly keep that in mind for the future.

As you may notice, I started from the trees on the top left corner and the line between the top of the hills and the light blue sky, but I could have started anywhere else without any problem. It would have been the same.

Then I proceeded down and right assembling the blue pieces forming the river. From that it was very easy to continue with the rest of the hills and the brown and reddish vegetation around the river.

As soon as I finished this puzzle I realized that I really love putting together lots of blue pieces, I find it very relaxing and inspiring. There is something about this colour that makes me feel calm and serene even when I have a lot going on in my mind, so i really enjoyed this project and I am quite sure I will experiment more in this direction in the future.



DIMENSIONS 98,5x75,5 cm


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