January sunrise

What are the colours of the winter? Which colours best represent this period of the year in which nature and animal life seem to stop?

The Polish winter can be challenging at times, especially if you live in the countryside. The pale sun normally visits just a couple of days a week and, even when it does, it stays out for a few hours. Then, temperatures drop way below zero during the dark and long nights.

However, this is the same winter that may sometimes offer a slightly different palette of colours to a keen observer of nature.

I have to say, observing the sun slowly rising on a cold January morning is not just an opportunity to see something nice, but it's also a challenge, an exercise of strength and patience.

It's never easy to get up from the bed when outside is freezing and inside your house is warm, cozy and there is an intense smell of coffee. As it's not enough, the fields outside are blanketed in deep fresh snow and the door makes a strange noise when you try to open it, probably because the mechanism is a bit frozen.

Once you are out, each breath you exhale is a cloud of smoke. Even if you wear gloves you immediately feel like you are having frostbites. You may feel the desire to turn around and quickly go back to the house, as your mind cannot think of anything else.

But that's exactly the moment in which you have to be patient and wait instead.

When my shaking hand was about to open that noisy door again, a feeble light slowly came out of the horizon, like someone had lit a big candle in a distant field to let me know that I should have rather stayed.

And few minutes and several frostbites later, there it came, the sun that silently changes everything.

The snow in front of me slowly turned purple and pink, while the small shrubs turned red and orange instead. Small animal footsteps were revealed close to the apple trees. Perhaps a fox or a small dog walked there during the night, looking for food or shelter. After all, life never really stops, I should always keep that in mind.

In the cold silence of the frozen countryside my thoughts seemed to echo in my mind.

I walked few steps backwards and took this picture while my boots were gently sinking into the snow up to the ankles. Suddenly the cold was no longer there, and a smile came out of my face. I went home thinking that perhaps I should have started reconsidering my conception of winter.

Before taking this picture, I had always associated colours like white, brown and perhaps grey to the winter period. In my mind there was no room for any other colour.

Now, 2000 pieces and many smiles afterwards, I realise that perhaps, if I am patient enough, winter is a little bit more pink, orange and purple than what I thought.



DIMENSIONS 98,5x75,5 cm


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