If I were a pigeon

The Saint Mark's Campanile is the impressive bell tower of the Saint Mark's Basilica in the heart of Venice. It's almost 100 metres high and grants tourists the opportunity to see Venice from above, from a totally different perspective than on a gondola.

Obviously having a relaxing ride on a gondola is the most famous and probably the best way to enjoy Venice. Still, seeing the city from above can be a very interesting and rewarding experience as well.

I believe this is a city that you can explore in different ways, a city that combines history with a mysterious touch of magic, a city you can still enjoy even if you have already visited it 15 times.

If you are a tourist in Venice, and you are visiting its main square, chances are that you will soon find yourself in the company of lots of pigeons. They are everywhere, they usually move in groups, and they can be very hungry at times.

You can feed them, but I would not recommend it. You feed one and twenty more will come soon afterwards, looking at you while bobbing their heads.

Last time I visited Venice, it was a cloudy day. I am not sure why but the city looked a bit older than the previous time I came. While I was patiently waiting on the cue to enter the tower, I had some time to silently observe the tourists feeding the pigeons.

On the way to the top of the tower I was still thinking about these birds and how their life must be. Do they appreciate the beauty of the city? Do they enjoy the daily company of so many tourists? Do they feel the magic of the place?

With those thoughts in my mind I reached the top of the tower. And magic happened.

The wind of the lagoon had temporarily moved some clouds away, leaving space for the sun rays and for some blue in the sky. I was so happy.

The sun really changes the city, making it more colourful and picturesque.

The buildings are more vivid, the water gets green and perhaps even the pigeons get happier. I looked down at them, to see if that was the case, but to my surprise there was no sign of them in Saint Mark's square. And then I suddenly heard a pigeon cooing somewhere around the walls of the tower, not far from me. I had this feeling that he came there to enjoy the view of the city as well.

In Venice the weather changes very quickly, and that sun lasted only for 10 minutes.

But that was more than enough for me to visualise this puzzle in my mind and take the picture.

After the sun went away, a group of pigeons showed up again in Saint Mark's square. That couldn't be a coincidence, I thought.

I concluded that perhaps we have something in common with these strange birds.

If I were a pigeon, I would probably fly to the top of the Saint Mark's Campanile every time the sun is shining.



DIMENSIONS 96,3x68 cm


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