Fishermen sunset

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

The magic of a pink sunset on a warm January evening.

There is no one around you but few birds and crabs finding their way home before it gets too dark.

In front of you the sun is slowly disappearing behind the horizon, silently changing the colour of the retreating tide and gently reminding you that your holiday is getting one day shorter.

Three abandoned boats are there, not far from you, but you don't ask yourself where are their owners or what they are doing. You just feel lucky to be there, you smell the salty air, you hear your breath, you hear your thoughts and you feel like you are starting to hear the birds' thoughts as well. You are so deep in thought that you don't even realize you are taking pictures while stepping on a lonely black sandal probably belonging to one of the boats owners.

Can you close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine that?

It's one of the strongest memories from my time in Thailand, and as a consequence this puzzle has been in my mind for a long time.

As you may notice, there is an imaginary line at the centre of the picture (where the 3 boats are resting) which turned out to be a useful reference to organize my work more efficiently. Everything above that line would have been done first, while everything below would have been saved for last.

The sky was quite easy. First I placed the orange and pink pieces and then slowly went left, right and down with the purple ones.

Then it was the blue pieces turn (the big water puddle at the bottom of the picture) and that was the beginning of the lower part of the puzzle, the most difficult.

The retiring water of the low tide had left several different puddles between my observation point and the boats, resulting in me having to slow down considerably to proceed on this area. The pink reflections of the sunlight on the water were useful references to complete those water puddles just below the boats. and after that the really challenging parts were the darkest areas (black, grey and indigo pieces).

I really enjoyed completing this puzzle. although it took me quite some time to realize exactly why. The combination of different shades of pink, purple and orange played an important role as it was something new to my eyes, but there was something else. It was like the surface of the puzzle began to radiate warmth and beauty. Thailand is a wonderful country and I would like to travel back there one day.



DIMENSIONS 79,8x59,8 cm


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