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Summer is typically the season when I spend more time outside, walking in parks or perhaps in the mountains. The weather is good, and the high temperatures help the vegetation flourish. What I like the most about summer is the warm sun that makes you sweat almost instantly and favours good and bright pictures.

During one of my long summer walks I noticed those pink flowers on the side of the path, and started to think. Ever since I completed the Pink spring project, I felt curious about flowers and in particular pink flowers. I felt inspired to consider the idea of making a puzzle with several flowers and, in general, with a larger presence of pink.

I feel like combining different shades of pink and green really evokes feelings of joy and happiness, and a puzzle with these bright colours really warms my heart up.

As soon as I turned on my photocamera I realised that there was a bee flying somewhere around those flowers. I couldn't see it but I could hear it distinctly.

So I stood and waited.

Magpies and other birds were singing somewhere at the top of the trees.

The sun was beating down on me, but a nice and warm wind was gently wiping the sweat from my face.

When the bee came out and started to explore those pink flowers in front of me, I took the picture and then sat down not far from there. I spent a contemplative half an hour thinking about summer and puzzles, before resuming my walk.

I felt really challenged and charmed by this puzzle and the variety of its colours.

I believe the biggest challenge lies in the fact that there are several areas of green and pink pieces not connected to each other, and therefore the differentiated collection only helps you until a certain point. I call those areas islands.

You may gather all the green pieces together for example, but then it's difficult to place them and progress with the puzzle, because the green pieces belong to different islands, different areas of the puzzle that are separated from each other.

I am really glad I took on this challenge, because it was probably the first time I completed a puzzle with lots of islands, and it gave me huge satisfaction.

As you can see from the pictures, I started from the light green and dark green pieces, but I could have started from the light brown ones or from the light pink or dark pink ones instead. It would have been the same slow, complex and challenging process.

One thing that really helped me go further is that the flowers in the background are blurred, and as a consequence the correspondent pieces were saved for last.

After putting together the green pieces, I focused my attention to the pink pieces related to those flowers that were in sharp focus, and only after that I moved to the blurred areas.

I have to say, I felt a bit strange when I completed this personalised puzzle.

I wasn't surprised by how long it took me to complete this puzzle, but I was surprised by how hard it was to put it back in the box. I didn't expect that.

Those bright, powerful summer colours in front of me were so charming that I felt obliged to keep the puzzle on the table for few more days and just stare at it.



DIMENSIONS 96,3x68 cm


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