Evening in Acapulco

The city of Acapulco lies on a narrow strip of land between a semicircular bay and the steeply rising mountains that encircle it, and is probably the most famous beach in the Pacific coast of Mexico.

From May to November the climate is hot and humid, and big systems of clouds often travel from the ocean to the mainland, bringing rain and a bit of disappointment to the tourists. It's not rare to have cloudy evenings and, while the sun slowly starts going down behind the clouds and the sand below your feet cools down, the beach and almost everything around it turns blue for a short time.

It's a moment you don't forget so easily. It's like the ocean and the sky get together to bring some blue to the shiny hotels on the beach shore and the mountains in the distance.

Many described blue as the colour of the mind, helping people relax, stimulating clear thought. I believe that's right, but I also like to think that blue is the perfect colour for a holiday. You know, when everything around you is peaceful, and your mind is really disconnected from home and your daily routine. When the only sounds you can focus on are the waves of the ocean and your thoughts, and you feel relaxed and lifted.

Blue as a reminder that we all need some peace and quiet from time to time.

Every time I see this picture, I really feel relaxed, my mind goes far away and I have the impression that I am still hearing the waves of the Pacific ocean.

I think back to those moments, when I felt it was natural to leave the table at the restaurant just to go there, put my feet on the sand and observe the evening lights on that blue landscape. As mentioned on the Lake Czchowskie puzzle, I really like putting together blue pieces, so in my mind I saw immediately a potentially interesting puzzle. To me, assembling this personalised puzzle was such a relaxing experience that I noticed I didn't even need to have any music in the background. I don't know why, but the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea were constantly in my mind, so there was no space for anything else.

It wasn't a particularly difficult puzzle, so it was completed quite quickly.

Nonetheless, I got stuck a couple of times putting together the area at the centre of the puzzle, the strip of hotels getting thinner and thinner as you proceed right.

The blue landscape and the small lights made it difficult to distinguish one hotel from another, I guess it would have been easier if the picture was taken during a sunny day...

Proceeding right, all the buildings on the mountain looked the same and it took quite a lot of patience to get throught that area.

As expected, what was a dark blue/dark green mountain on the original picture became basically a black area on the puzzle, but it didn't matter so much.

As mentioned on the Ik Kil cenote project, I am not a big fan of black areas in puzzles. However, in this case, given it was a 1000 pieces puzzle, that part was quickly completed and didn't present any threat to my patience. As you can see on the pictures above, this black area was saved for last, but it could have been done earlier without any problem.

This would have been a wonderful 2000 pieces puzzle, had the quality of my picture been better and in higher resolution. Unfortunately, very often my camera doesn't work well with the evening light. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed putting together this 1000 pieces puzzle.



DIMENSIONS 68,3x48,3 cm


As you may have already noticed, due to the gloss finish, the reflection of the light on the puzzle became quite an issue as I progressed with the blue pieces composing the water.

If you take a closer look at the pictures (especially the last ones from the top) you can clearly notice my dark blue shadow in the middle of the blue ocean, similar as what happened while putting together the Family gathering puzzle.

That is the shadow you get from above, when you are more or less 1 meter distant from the puzzle.

When you get closer, the reflection of the light (especially the artificial light) may prevent you from distinguishing between different shades of blue. As a result, it might slow you down and hurt your patience.

It may be annoying at times, but anyway it's nothing that can prevent you from enjoying the challenge.

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