Elephant life

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

An adult asian elephant teaching its child how to take care of its skin.

Elephants are remarkable beings, no wonder they have lots of fans. These animals are big, they eat a lot, they clean themselves a lot and they have a very good memory.

Asian elephants are a bit different from their african relatives (smaller in size and usually have no tusks) but they have the same habits.

Elephants love playing in the water. After bathing they often indulge in what is known as mud bath, romping around in mud. Once they are done with that, they slowly come out of the water and head to sand beds where they will have additional fun lifting their trunk up and spraying sand and dust all over their body. It is believed they do that to protect their skin against insect bites, heat and UV rays.

No matter what the reasons are, I think this is one of the most fascinating moments to observe these animals. A moment I wanted to capture and keep hold of.

The resulting puzzle was not a difficult one, but still a very pleasant personalised puzzle to put together.

I decided to start from the top of the trees on the left and right and from the bodies of the elephants, but I could have started from the dusty ground or from the sky as well. In any scenario, this puzzle would have not posed any serious challenge.

After completing the orange and purple animals and the green and brown trees, it was easy to put the blue sky together. It took me some time to assemble the orange pieces forming the dusty ground instead (as all the pieces looked the same) and perhaps that was the only challenging part of this puzzle. However, that part was quickly completed as soon as I sorted those pieces by shape, as described on the second part of the differentiated collection section.

Overall it was a pleasant experience, a quick but very relaxing puzzle.

I guess it's pretty easy to relax when you are thinking of big and slow animals such as elephants.






I was happy with the quality of the printed picture on the puzzle. It was a bright picture so the puzzle came out very good.

However, as already seen on the Sunrise at Vistula river and The White Temple puzzles, on the majority of the orange pieces (the dusty ground at the bottom of the picture) several horizontal lines were clearly visible, probably traces of laser printing.

So far these horizontal lines appeared on all the puzzles produced by this manufacturer, but at least I didn't find any of those vertical lines crossing multiple pieces seen on the previous 2000 pieces panoramic projects.

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