Duck life

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

There is something about ducks that brings a smile to my face every time I see them.

These funny and beautiful animals live in and around bodies of water. Sometimes they are quiet and silent, sometimes they are very active and noisy. Their feathers are waterproof and vary in colour. They say they can live up to 20 years.

When they get out in the morning they love to walk, flap their wings and jump around, while during the afternoon they prefer to relax floating happily on the water and taking a sunbath as long as they can. That's the moment when you can get closer to them and that's exactly when I took this picture. On a beautiful and sunny autumn day this group of ducks was enjoying the weather, perhaps wondering where the winter was gone (or what to have for dinner – I am not sure).

In my mind I knew this picture would have resulted in a 2000 pieces puzzle with several different elements and a very good variety of colours. The brown of the trees and their branches combined with the yellow, orange and green vegetation and the early afternoon sunlight had created interesting reflections of the blue sky and the flora on the water. And the presence of those floating ducks was the icing on the cake, adding more value to an already interesting scenario.

Finding the strategy to complete this puzzle was pretty easy, although I had to slightly modify it towards the end of my work.

Originally I thought the most challenging part should have been the strip of brown, yellow and orange vegetation crossing the centre of the picture from left to right, and therefore it should have been saved for last. It would have been easier to complete this section if the upper and the lower parts of the puzzle were already there, so I began by placing the blue pieces at the bottom and the light blue ones at the top. In doing so I also started to put together the pieces forming the three big trees, slowly going down towards the centre of the puzzle.

At that point I suddenly realized that the most challenging pieces to place would have been the black and dark brown ones instead (the reflection of the dark brown vegetation on the water, on the left and right side of the lake). So those parts would have been save for last, while the strip of brown, yellow and orange vegeation should have been done before.

As I was progressing with the light blue sky I started to assemble the green pieces as well (the grass around the small lake) together with the brown ones forming the reflection of the trees on the water at the centre of the puzzle. Completing this brown area really helped me to proceed with assembling the above strip of vegetation later on, as I had less brown pieces to choose from.

Overall it was a very nice experience and, interestingly enough, for the first time I managed to complete a puzzle without the need to play any music.

Perhaps time passes faster when you think of those funny animals and you cannot stop smiling.



DIMENSIONS 98,5x75,5 cm


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