Doi Inthanon black and white

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Experimenting with camera filters is really interesting and can result in the creation of beautiful artworks like this.

The Doi Inthanon national park in northern Thailand is one of the most iconic places to visit if you are a tourist stationed in Chiang Mai.

Not far from Doi Inthanon (the country's highest mountain) you find two Chedis dedicated to Their Royal Majesties, the King and Queen. The Chedis are located on facing hills, about 100 meters from one another, and that's why on my picture you can see only one of them.

I was walking around the Chedis, exploring their beautiful gardens that change colours depending on the season, when I noticed this medium size plant with nice red flowers. I was staring at it when suddenly I got the idea. A black and white puzzle, with red flowers. Perhaps this would be a slightly different project than the previous ones? And what is this plant? Would this view become an interesting puzzle? Would that red car and that white house fit into the picture? This thinking process lasted only a couple of seconds I believe, because before I even finished considering the idea, my finger was already turning on the camera and setting up the filter.

I am not sure how to explain that, it was like my hand had already decided what my mind was still evaluating. Instinct perhaps.

The picture came out as I wanted, and the puzzle a really nice one (although not that difficult).

As you may notice on the pictures, I thought I would have started the puzzle from the red pieces, the easiest to find. As I completed the differentiated collection, I realized that would have been complicated. Small black, white and grey areas separated the red flowers from each other, making it difficult to connect them. Therefore, as explained in my SEE THE BIG PICTURE advice, I moved to work on different areas instead.

First I placed the grey pieces composing the tarmac of the square below the Chedis. That was pretty quick and easy.

Then I focused my attention on the black and dark grey pieces, as sooner or later they would have led me to the area with the red flowers. As I slowly completed the black area at the centre of the puzzle I found those missing connections between the flowers, and then the rest became easy. The part consisting of the white and light grey sky was straightforward and didn't present any serious challenges.

When I completed the puzzle I realized I was staring at it the same way I was staring at the plant with red flowers that day in Doi Inthanon. Only my fingers were moving, like they were trying to press an invisible button and take the picture once more. For a moment I felt like I was there in Thailand again.



DIMENSIONS 79,8x59,8 cm



As always when ordering a personalised puzzle, you need to be ready to sacrifice part of the original picture. As you may have already noticed in other puzzles I made, you need to select an area of the picture that you want to print as puzzle, you cannot use the whole width of the picture unfortunately. This is because manufacturers have their own standard sizes so you have to adapt. It's usually not a big deal, but this time it was painful.

I decided to sacrifice a bit of the right part of the original picture, so part of the red flowers there. I had a difficult choice to make, and decided that it would not have been nice to remove the small white buildings and the red car on the left. The resulting scenario would have differed from the original picture much more than what it would have been if I had sacrificed some flowers on the right.

I could have made a 1000 pieces puzzle rather than this one, and sacrificed less flowers. But I really didn't want to make a smaller puzzle in this case, and in the end I believe I made the right choice.

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