April snow

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Just imagine waking up early on an April morning, discovering that outside of the window everything is white. It's magic. It hadn't been forecasted, and it was something I really couldn't miss. This kind of things happen only in Krakow!

Everything outside was covered by at least 2 centimetres of snow, but it was clear it would have not lasted long as the winter was already gone and temperature would have risen above zero during the day. I will always remember those moments, rushing to a park with my camera, excited and afraid at the same time, starting to take pictures while already hearing the sounds of melting snow coming from the top of the biggest trees. There were no people around, it was just me and the surrounding nature. I had been desiring to have a big puzzle with snow for a long time...

Differentiating looked quite hard at the beginning, you would have thought that the majority of the pieces looked the same. It turned out it wasn't that hard. The brown trees obviously were good references, but there were also few completely white areas on the picture and even traces of green on the left (as it was April, there were already small leaves growing before the snow). Therefore I had few references for the beginning of the puzzle.

I also noticed that there were many grey pieces to assemble, and they belonged to the area starting from the centre left of the puzzle and continuing to the exact centre (behind the lamppost). What was vegetation covered in white on the picture became light grey pieces on the puzzle instead, helping me orientate and go further.

The final parts were the most difficult to complete, and I had to sort pieces by shape rather than by colour in order to finally complete this puzzle. As advised on the MY TIPS section, dividing pieces into smaller groups of flowers, arrows, candies and cheese was very helpful (and for me the only way to get to the end).

It was a fantastic challenge, very much similar to the Zabierzow forest one. Completing this puzzle gave me huge satisfaction, so much that I kept it on my table for a couple of weeks before finally disassembling it.



DIMENSIONS 98,5x75,5 cm


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