A peacock in the forest

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Forests may look like predictable places, where more or less everything looks always the same, time passes very slowly and nothing special happens. I believe that's a wrong assumption and, if you are patient enough, you never know who you can meet there.

I find the silence of the forest very relaxing and intriguing at the same time, because the few sounds your ears capture are very significant. In my mind those sounds are a sort of proof that something alive is hiding there, something that you cannot see but is breathing, feeding or perhaps thinking. I am referring to the sound of an animal moving, or the wind blowing, or a tree cracking.

I know that walking in a forest may lead to a meeting with some small birds, or a fox, or perhaps a deer. It's more rare to spot a wild young peacock silently exploring the surroundings, in the process of searching for food. This forest birds look so charming that, as soon as I saw this one, I started to follow it from a distance.

The colours of a peacock body and feathers are incredible, so vibrant...no wonder they have been a source of aesthetic and scientific admiration for thousands of years.

But something else caught my attention.

I found the way this peacock was walking fascinating, with those light legs slowly and gently moving up and down, as it was trying to avoid making any noise. That was quite peculiar, considering the fact that there were no other animals or persons around in that precise moment. It was like this bird was carefully minding each one of its steps, because it didn't want to damage the forest it is living in.

I kept my breath, knelt down and got closer, and when my camera was almost ready to take the picture, the peacock looked at me and silently let me know that he had already noticed me.

The bird was probably very hungry, as after that he kept looking for food like I wasn't even there. Forests in September may offer a different variety of colours, and I realised this picture would have resulted in a very nice and difficult puzzle combining the classic greens and browns with a touch of blue, orange and pink.

From the beginning it was clear to me that the only way I would complete this puzzle was to start from the body of the peacock, only to move to the surrounding blurry areas later on. The upper part of the puzzle, with the trees and the pink flowers in the background would have clearly been the most difficult to assemble, and therefore was saved for last.

Sorting pieces by colour significantly helped me to complete the first part of the puzzle (the bottom half ), while for the upper part it was necessary to sort pieces a second time (by shape instead).

As mentioned in the DIFFERENTIATED COLLECTION section, it may happen that you will have to sort pieces a second time as you progress with a puzzle. It could be annoying and may look like a waste of time but, especially when dealing with complicated medium/big size puzzles, it may be the only way to get to the end and the only way to avoid getting frustrated.

This puzzle tested my patience at times but, once it was finished, I just couldn't stop admiring that beautiful animal looking at me. Sometimes I feel like hypnotised by the beauty of some animals in their natural habitat.



DIMENSIONS 96,3x68 cm


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